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 This is the norm

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PostSubject: This is the norm   This is the norm EmptyWed Feb 15, 2012 9:26 am

For Sale - To a Good Home

I was born in the Summer a few years ago.
... Quite why I was born, I'll never know.
Some folk who owned my mother, decided to breed.
No reason I know of except for their greed;
I know I was hungry, I know I was cold;
They sold me quite early at just five weeks old.

My number one owners seemed friendly at first,
And life was quite good till my bubble burst;
They started to argue, their marriage split up;
And in the AD: "For Sale - 4 months old pup".

Some folk arrived, the next ones in line.
They treated me kind and life was just fine.
But Master dropped dead, and she couldn't cope.
So she sold me again (I'll soon give up hope).

I now had a new home right up in the sky;
We went up in the lift fourteen floors high!
The new folk were kind but they left me all day;
I was bursting to wee and had nowhere to play.
It was boredom, I think, when I chewed up the chair;
They agreed I should go as it just wasn't fair.

The next home was good and I thought "this is it"!
They started to show and I won....well, a bit.
Then somebody told them that I had no bone.
And in went the AD: "For a good home".

The next lot were dreadful, they wanted a guard;
But I didn't know how, although I tried hard.
One night they got burgled and I didn't bark;
Tied up in that shed and alone in the dark.
For four months I lay in that cold and dark shed;
With only an old paper sack for a bed.
A small dish of water all slimy and green;
The state I was in, well, it had to be seen!
I longed for destruction, and an end to the pain;
But some new people came and I went off again.

Well now I'm with Rescue and this home is good;
There's walks in the country and lots of good food;
There's kisses and cuddles to greet me each day;
But I dread the time they will send me away.
But for now here I stand, skin and bone on all four;
PLEASE......don't let "ME" happen to any of yours.

]Keep those 'true' people in your life, let go of those who are judgemental, jealous, hold grudges and who don't accept you for who you are! Life is too short D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. :-))
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PostSubject: Re: This is the norm   This is the norm EmptyWed Feb 15, 2012 10:32 am

Sad but true...

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This is the norm
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